Another one down

In my streak of knocking out jobs I've been putting off I finished (or nearly so) another.

Rose arch
Rose arch

This was way more complex than it looks.  Dump the planters into the tarp, set the pipes and measure the distance, set the planters in the right spot, prep the quickcrete and place the arch (probably 70 very ungainly pounds).  Finish the quickcrete in the pipes.  Got to Lowes and get more quickcrete.  In a few months it will be covered in roses.  The bank behind will be covered in wildflowers and xeriscape plants.  It will take three or so seasons for the bank to be fully grown in with xeriscape but it will.  Meanwhile we're putting some lettuce in the planters while the weather is cool.

The rock bed where the planters are setting is a river when the rains come.  It should be interesting once it is all done. 


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