The final cut

I had a meeting yesterday with the company that absorbed mine and it was very much like a final divorce meeting.  Like getting a divorce it means I no longer need to interact with, think about, obsess on the other half.  It will take me a while to get there but ultimately it is a good deal.

The downside is I'm likely to lose any money I had left in the company.  They still suck at business and no indication that will ever change.  And I'm last in line for investment recovery.  Long line ahead of me.  So I'm mentally writing it off.  I was holding things back, waiting to plan, dependent on what they 'might' be able to do for me.  So that waiting is gone and I can count the income I've got as all there is.  Should they ever magically get their shit together and decide to pay off their investors I may have a windfall.  But I think the odds are lottery-like so basically zero.  Plan accordingly.

It kind of puts me in a position that I need to find some part time work to pad out our situation so we can eat more than pasta and travel further than Austin but there are always things on the horizon that fit what I can do without leaving the comfort of home.  And I have time.

The release of no longer being married to the company or any other company for that batter is nice.  To no longer be attached to a potential that is so unlikely to happen has a lot of potential.  

That whole attachment thing.


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