Now I've got a too big smoker I need to be able to fill it with wood.  This thing is so big I'm buying another much smaller one so I can grill steaks.  The firebox on it is huge, the meat box is cavernous.  I could easily cook half a dozen sides of ribs or three briskets and it does a great job at that.  But it needs to be fed.  I went through all the charcoal I had first time I used it and that wasn't enough.  After some research I found this place in Austin:

The pictures are accurate.  The place is huge and has deals on wood that are cheap compared to anything at Home Depot or our local grocery chain.  I got a pretty large wheelbarrow of oak and a huge bag of smaller pieces for $30.  Maybe a quarter of what it would have cost me elsewhere.

The guy that sold me the wood along with advice on using it for brisket had a couple of teeth missing and would typically be mistaken for homeless.  But he was on the job and really helpful.  

Now I've got a stack of wood and plans for ribs in a week or so.   


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