Prepping for Florida

Going on a trip when one does not have a job is not the same as when one does.  Entirely different feeling, one I'm not yet used to.

We leave Monday for Jacksonville, Florida.  Birthday/Christmas present for my wife.  And me.  We've got a couple of friends there and will see them but mostly it is just to visit the ocean.   Our favorite place to stay is no longer available.  The Navy closed down one of two Navy lodges in Jacksonville so the other (located on the beach in Mayport) is full of active duty families relocating to the area and needing temporary lodging and, I guess, the same group on vacation.  Retired old goats are last in line which is OK.  But I miss staying on the Naval Station.  It always feels like home.

We've got a place on the beach in Jacksonville Beach that will suffice.  Fish and beer and salt and sand.    For four days.


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