Finishing up the house next door

They are moving boards to the back yard of the house next door.

Boards going towards the fence
Boards going towards the fence

They will fence in their back yard and looks like nearly everything else is done.  The guy (in a FedEx uniform) came by two days ago to ask for more info on our mover referral.  We've got a friend who works with a local Atlas affiliate and is really good at what he does so I passed on the referral.  

The new neighbors will move in next month.  I think they have two kids.  Very nice people.  He smokes brisket and ribs and has a lot of interest in keeping his yard sharp so we'll be friends.

They are a black family and I'm so happy that it no longer matters I can hardly describe.  We have a mixed community with hispanic, black, white, garrulously old and young enough to have kids.  I think it is a good mix.  

It will be nice to have the last few houses completed so we don't have hammering and loud music all day.  And it will be interesting to watch the community emerge.  It is nice to be married to a social butterfly.  I get all the good info without actually having to interact much (refer to previous description of garrulously old...  ).


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