It is just getting warm enough to be a comfortable walk for Zoe and me.  Tomorrow is rainy and warmer.  And we need food. So that gives me my three things to do today (don't want to overdo).

I've got about half finished a light rope attached around the inside or our back yard fence (   This is the third time I've bought this product and I love it.  The first two times it trimmed the outline of our building/home/business in Georgetown.  As far as I know it is still working after about five years so getting this set up right it a long term gain and worth the work.  I'm running an extension cord through PVC to where the lighting starts and attaching a managable plug as well as a dimmer.  Dana will be able to walk out and say 'Alexa — light the yard' or whatever the routine name is and the entire backyard will light up.  I bought a dimmer with it so we won't overly annoy the neighbors with the light.  The rope has a hundred or so attachment points to be done.  Each has two screws.  As I said, work up front but done only once then it should be good for five + years.  I'm mostly done with the electrical part.  It is all waterproof and on a GFI circuit so no one will be zapped if it shorts out.  Now for the attachment points then burying the PVC so it looks professional.

Not all going to be done today.  Getting it waterproof was the big step.  Attaching it to the fence can be done over a couple of days.  Picture to follow.


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