I relish the routine

I'm so happy to have the holidays (as much as possible ignored by me) done.  Not that I did anything substantial for them.  

Rather than buy presents for grandchildren I opened investment accounts and put money in for them and tied it to S&P 500.  Now I have a place to easily drip money for occasions that might indicate a present.  Their parents agree that a house filled with way too many toys and crap that lasts a few months is not a good way to go but they have been unable to stop.  Me being the curmudgeon I am I've got little problems disappointing the kids.  They may be a little disappointed now but will be a lot happier once they figure out that they have money and know how to invest it.  I'm patient and don't need to be adored.

Not being much of a celebratory person anyway the entire season does little more than interrupt my flow.  There are people on our walk ('our' meaning me and Zoe) that are not usually there.  A minor irritation but I find that I enjoy sameness so much more now.  I love to go on adventures when I want to but I even more love things that are in the same place when I'm not adventuring.  

I'm satisfied with simple and same and think of the old Englishman sitting in his same chair smoking a pipe and reading Kipling.  I'd even smoke a pipe but for the smoke.  And that coating on one's tongue.  And the cancer.  Rather than the library books surrounding me I have the world's library on my tablet.  Dog at my feet.  Book in hand.  My environment tidy.

If I were to have a goal for the new year it might be to desire less.  

To shed some more ruffles.  To be simpler.

And to improve my writing.

And to be less of a jerk.  


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