Work on house day

We've got an electrician coming today to put in a security light in back and some outlets in the soffits where they can be useful.  The lights will illuminate our back yard and, more importantly, my smoker so that I can cook at night without holding a flashlight.  The outlets are for Christmas lights, Nest cams, and whatever else I feel like plugging in.

It will make for a change in viewing.  Until now I had a camera on the construction next door.  But now that construction has become a house.  With a family who might not be thrilled with a camera pointing at them.  Now I've got a new plug going in I may be able to move the camera so that it points at the construction across the street without including their house (or at least not so obviously).  Or I'll just move it to its final destination, the back yard.  Not much action there normally but the view will be really nice in the spring when all the wildflowers come up.

I've been slacking on finishing the back yard lighting project.  It is really only a couple of hours remaining to be done but I've been lazy.  I bought a wire rope light to run around the interior of our fence and at the moment it is just kind of hanging on bits and pieces of stuff and the ground.  I need to finish mounting it which means putting up about 50 or so connectors in the fence attaching it where it will be until it dies.  I've done it twice before on our old house/building and the work is not hard but tedious.  It is raining today so likely I'll slack off again but soon.  Soon.


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