Getting ready to smoke some ribs

Yesterday I did the Costco thing and bought three packages of baby back ribs totaling six sides.  Just about what will fit into my smoker.  Tomorrow morning before light I'll be lighting the smoker and getting it warmed up.  Completely different system than cooking a steak or something on a Webber kind of cooker.  I'll spend the first hour just creating a base of coals, wood the size of fireplace split logs fit in the firebox.  They are 'post oak' and take a long time to get going but burn slowly and evenly once they are hot.  

Once that is done I'll have a consistent 300/350 degree cooking space to put in the ribs.  I've got dry rub that will go on them today and some wet sauce to add towards the end.  

Around 1PM we'll have a half dozen people over, sufficient to make a dent in the rib inventory.  And grits and salad.  Home made pie contributed by my niece.

Should be a good day.  With ribs leftover.  


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