Frost on the Smart Car

My son and his wife are leaving today.  It is so nice to be with them.  They are so comfortable to be around and the best guests ever.  They are staying at a hotel since our house is kind of small for guests.  They took my wife's car and left the smart car behind and I neglected to put it in the garage nest.  It is not going to be happy.  Not used to being left in the elements and it was a little chilly last night:

I feel badly for it.  I'll have to change the oil or something to make up for it.  Some TLC.

Finally back to routine next week.  No travelling, no cold, no family visiting, no meetings.  Just a couple of doctor's appointments to get some rhythm for my heart (white man with rhythm issues in my heart...  no surprise there).  

Looking forward to some quiet time.  As is Zoe who will will be sooooo... happy to have me to herself again.


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