White boy rhythm

Going in tomorrow for a cardioversion which I've never had.  It is to fix my afib (ADHD of my upper heart chamber).  My son who just left was studying to be EMS and had a tour in cardio and observed and/or performed a number of them.  He said the patients he did were awake (paddles on front and back w/ shock) but I'm going to be knocked out.  I prefer knocked out, thank you very much.  But he says it is a huge no big deal so I'm calm about it now.

I've had some form of afib for maybe 20 years and never did anything about it.  I always thought it was just caffeine build up.  But looking back I can remember playing tennis and having this heart flutter that made me sit.  The result is lack of good blood flow and it has been getting worse.  The doc gave me some meds that helped for a while and I could tell the difference.  There are some better meds but they can't give them to me until I get in rhythm.  So they shock me into rhythm and then give me the good drugs.  I'll like the results I think so it is worth it.

Oh, yeah, and it helps me stay away from getting a stroke.  Minor side benefit.

So, early morning playing with the cardio docs then a long nap.  Well, actually a long nap followed by a long nap.  I maybe am becoming a cat. 


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