I'll never dance with EW&F but I'm stable

No idea how shocking one's heart gets it back in rhythm and, if so, how it stays there.  It's sounds like training a very old puppy.  BF Skinner's negative reinforcement.  My cardio doc is great and I trust her but she's not gabby.  It takes a lot of follow up questions to get info beyond what I need to know.  

Regardless, I took a nap with the good drugs and my Kardia app says I'm 'normal'.  Magic.  

Now I get some new drugs at some point to be sure the afib does not come back and all is well.  I get the new drugs from a doc that specializes in electrical function of the heart.  There's plumbers and electricians.  I'm going to see the electrician.  Until then nothing changes.  Keep doing what I'm doing.


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