Money wise my wife and I are on a decent path.  Some IRA money simmering on the stock market, Navy pension and social security.  Covers all the fixed expenses but doesn't leave a lot for discretionary and emergencies.  I'd like to have another income stream to build up some more investment money and to spend on nonsense.  At 66 my choices are a little limited but I'm not desperate to take the first thing down the line.  It is a weird position to be in.  A perfect job would be 15 to 20 hours a week from home at $1k/month.

I did apply for seasonal employment at Lowes.  I could use the activity toting some dirt and mulch but they politely declined.

I'm also working through the online, at home jobs but many of them are sales appointment setters of one kind or another.  Generally hounding people who accidently fill out a form online asking about auto insurance or such.  If I were desperate I'd do that.  

My background would lend itself to helping out a small business but they generally don't have enough money to get help.  There are a lot of things I could do remotely.  Low end bookkeeper helping unscrew someone's Quickbooks comes to mind.  Or any of a number of remote computer related chores.  My skill set is considerably more complete than average and I express myself gooder than most.

At the moment I'm just wandering around the various boards learning about work at home kind of happy to not be anxious about having to have a job RIGHT NOW.  

It is an interesting exercise.


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