Morning. So far

It was in the low 30's this morning.  I opened the door to let Zoe, the dog, out and both cats came in.  No idea when they decided to go out but I'm thinking they were very happy for the blankets on the porch.  There was no wind and they can snuggle under the blankets and, after all, there are a lot of animals out in the cold.  And they didn't wake me up for a change.  My wife would be agitated were she to find out.  But she won't.

I had a hankering for blueberry muffins and the store bought ones are too sweet and oily.  We don't have a decent bakery around here unlike my sister susandennis  who has a plethora of them.  So I bought some blueberries yesterday and grabbed a recipe this morning from the Knights Flour book.  I used some yogurt instead of milk since that was a recipe option.  Greek yogurt.  Good protein addition.  But way too thick to sub for milk.  So I had muffin paste.  I added some milk to make a semblance of batter and, blueberries being what they are, when I stirred it some more it all turned purple.  They are baking right now.  Picture to follow.

One of the up sides to being by myself is I don't really care and it was a good exercise.  I think half yogurt and half milk might have done well but overmixing it definitely not beneficial to a visually inspiring muffin.   


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