I've been sitting at home watching all this on the television and on the Internet (ok.. actually big monitor and small monitor — same source).  Walks and biking has been within our community but for a week I've been pretty insular.

Yesterday I finally had a long enough shopping list to make a trip worth that exposure to people.  I went just shy of 6PM which is typically the quiet time and it was just that, fortunately.  So I went up and down the isles getting more junk food than was absolutely necessary but we now have enough to last a couple of more weeks.  I pork roast that will be used a bunch of different ways and some ribs to practice slow cooking inside.  And a couple of steaks.  And lots of staples BUT no flour.  That is starting to bother me.  I probably should have bought some bread.

Now I wait to see if I managed to get in and out without contracting anything.  Three days.  

I'm not a nervous person and have always been invincible (as evidenced by my continued existence) but this has me a little rattled.   It is a new feeling for me and one I'm fighting against.  

Jim Morrison had it down — 'Strange days indeed'.

Meanwhile I remembered this album cut from 1967.  Erik Burton and The Animals.  Even stranger:


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