Back from the store

It is such a weird feeling to go out once a week or so.  Zoe and I do the walk but to get into the car and go to a store and see lots of people just feels like an alternate reality.  I guess that is actually what it is so not an unreasonable thought.  Like wandering through a Twilight Zone with Rod.  "Hey, look over there!"

Nice to be a woodworker sometimes
Nice to be a woodworker sometimes

I had forgotten that my skill saw mask was hanging out in my shop.  So the world has not yet seen my Marine Corps t-shirt mask.  This one gets some Lysol and since I don't use it for days at a time it hangs up and de-germifies.

The trip was to HEB and went well.  They still don't have any flour but my wife, Dana, scored a bag each of King Arthur's bread flour and whole wheat so I'm good for now with that.  Good thing since I just bought some chocolate chips and have some over-ripe bananas (that is actually two separate things --- cookies and bread not chocolate chip banana bread).

While checking out I ran into a situation that reminded me of amw and her world.  The bag kid snapped at me to stand back and not put my card in the card machine until the checkout was done.  The card reader is specifically set up to put in the card immediately.  It then says to remove the card and retains the information until total, then has one button to agree, then runs the receipt.  There is no physical reason to wait.  Not like the bag boy stepped away to give me room afterward (as he kind of should given a 6' rule).  He was just flexing his pettit powers.  Needless to say for anyone that knows me, I ignored him.

But I did start thinking of all of the people with little powers but real muscle behind them.  I started thinking about how the state can easily empower them more.  

I started thinking about how the state can easily empower them more.  Time to be aware.  My guess is that this particular federal administration spends too much time trying to find its ass using all the available hands but that is not true everywhere and will not always be true in the U.S.  


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