Trying NOT to buy

My wife scored some whole wheat and bread flour at Target yesterday so I baked some bread and am now into my one bag of bread flour.  I've got six loaves of bread before I have to go 100% whole wheat and still have a bunch of all purpose flour left over.  And it makes me antsy.  So weird.  I'm pretty sure it is available at Target and once the pipeline is back open it will be continuous.  It was a short disruption.  We could eat for weeks with what we have but I find myself obsessively checking the HEB site for delivery times and thinking that we could use more flour and we're on the last couple of cartons of milk (or will be once we finish the cartons we're on).

Dana, my wife, has been helping the spouse of her best friend who died now maybe two years ago.  It pisses me off.  Spouse remarried, which was good.  But now, two years  later and they pick the most dangerous time to pull her out of the house.  She's done it three days now and I've kept my mouth closed but for one truthful comment that for her getting Covid-19 would be a death sentence for which I got the expected acerbic retort.  

Control the things I can.

I think she's done with them now and am hoping that they don't decide that it is also a good time to sell the stuff.  She would have to help.  The pair are pretty right wing and likely look on the ban of just this sort of thing as a violation of their Constitutional right to assembly or something like that.  The county has outlawed it at least through end of this month so I'm hopeful.

From a study by University of Texas released yesterday our county is statistically likely to have 100,000 cases out of a population of 590,551.  At the moment we have 87.  Something like 13,000 of that population lives in Sun City (AKA — mostly over 60).   By August we'll have hundreds of deaths.  Our stay at home law was extended to end of April.  

People will be bored and find reasons to not stay at home.  

My job is to sit here and continue to obsess over the amount of flour I have.

They also serve who only stand and wait.  (John Milton)


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