Fun with dirt bikes

Screen shot from a phone video
Screen shot from a phone video

Yesterday, this guy was running up and down our 25 MPH street easily doing 40 and popping wheelies and making dirt bike noises.  He did it maybe half a dozen times and I finally said enough.  In retrospect I would have said enough after the first one but I was busy with something or other.  As you can see there are children riding bikes and what you can't see is families with dogs and strollers and, I find out after the fact, a bunch of others he was really bothering.  And one lady who contacted me after I put the info on NextDoor who told me where he lived.

But no one wanted to do anything about it.  

I got out my phone and started video shot as he approached returning down the street and just stood in front of him and said stop.  And, foolishly, he did.  He looked to me like a guy in his late 20's or early 30's.  Not a kid.  I told him he was no longer allowed to ride his unregistered dirt bike on our street and that to ensure he would not I was sending the video to the sheriff.  He said OK and immediately popped a 'fuck you' wheelie.

The sheriff took down all the info.  They drove by several times over the next hour or two showing the flag and it has been quiet since.  I've got a great security cam so if it happens again I'll be calling them back and offer them access.

I feel like defending my neighborhood.  It is a whole Clint Eastwood thing.  I'm not particularly friendly with any of my neighbors.  I don't go out of my way to hang out with them or play with their kids.  But I like seeing the families and kids and dogs walk by especially now.  It is truly a neighborhood and dirt bikes are not welcome and inconsiderate actions have consequences.

Somebody's got to do it.


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