Delivery daze

We've received two deliveries from Bezos land today.  One was a partial of a subscription the rest of which we'll get tomorrow.  I'm increasingly onboard with subscriptions and continue to tweak them so we get what we need about when we need it.  This week I've got a couple of new things.  We'll see how they go.  The second delivery was a Fresh delivery of some hamburger meat and pastry and lettuce and such mostly to keep my hand in and be sure I can mange the Fresh system so I don't have to brave the store so much.

Tomorrow we've got the second of our Dinnerly experiment.  Week one was pretty good.  For $40 we receive 6 meals, 2 each of three night's dinners.  All three were good.  Fresh ingredients and decent directions.  I really do kind of like not having to figure out dinner three nights a week and that much less going to the store.   

This week's food
This week's food

I've got lettuce and tomatoes and such for side salads.  It is always a chore to decide which to eat first.  


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