This is such an interesting part of the country

I've always had a hard time liking Texas.  Part of it is the climate (mostly desert but for a few months), part the politics (since Ann Richards and Molly Ivans died it has been depressingly red), and part the lack of salt water (I was a blue water sailor for about 15 years).   But the economy has been really good to us and continues to be.  The living is reasonable and the values continue to rise.  Two examples today:

Where we live just keeps growing
Where we live just keeps growing

We have a house and are in good shape and one day we'll either die here or sell it.  If the former then who cares, if the latter I'd like to make a few bucks.  This area of the country continues to grow and is just ridiculously successful and has been as long as we've been here (2005).


But here's the other half.  A huge part of the area is people 50+ who know what the Census means and know what voting is worth and participate.  Fortunately enough of them are from other places and their participation is increasingly progressive.  

These two pictures fell in my stream today and really tell a lot about how this will continue to be a successful are of the country.  Interesting to watch.  


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