One fun and one weird thing

First is a compilation of first lines of the great pandemic novel.   It is a habit of mine to think up titles of books and their first line so now I've been scooped.  Damn.  Here is the collection.

A couple of years ago I was riding my bike about an hour and ten minutes (20 miles) six or so days a week.  It was my reading time and I blew through audio books.  Now I don't work and still blow through them but ride a lot less.  Too busy trying to make the perfect sourdough.  

I bought a membership to the Brooklyn Library and added it to my Overdrive so I've got access to the world through them (with a little kicker of sharing susandennis  Seattle Library subscription (don't tell anyone).

As a huge fan of Dennis LeHane I've been working my way through his books accidently stumbling upon his novel The Given Day.  The entire book is a swath of American history told in depth and with great accuracy and grit.  But the weird part is one of the two primary settings is Boston in 1918, in the middle of the H1N1 Pandemic (Spanish Flu).  I was just blithely reading along and found myself at the docks of the city ready to board a returning troop ship that had people onboard with 'the grip'.  It is amazing how much of the comments echo those of today.  The book was published in 2008 but I'm thinking his publishers wish he'd waited 10 years to write and publish it.

I love random kismet.


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