People everywhere!

So I've had this kind of upside down experience during which my routine has remained pretty much the same other than the masks and fewer trips to the store and everyone around me has changed.  Much the same as my sister susandennis , the big differences are a change in shopping habits.

The biggest manifestation of difference is the walk Zoe and I take nearly every day.  I've nearly forgotten how quiet that always was and how much I loved it.  We walk about half an hour on a crushed granite mile and a half path.  Zoe is illegally off leash but the walk is empty and everyone is in work/school and the solitude is wonderful.

Now we're inundated with people during the most antisocial time of this country!  Runners, people fishing in the catch/release pond, kids, other dogs.  All these people need to get back to work and school.  They are screwing up my life.

Listening to the voices in my head is fun.  I think that particular one is Eugene from Pink Floyd.  Careful with that Ax, Eugene.  No, if you don't know it, you don't need to.  The title says enough.


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