The best of choices

I've been baking bread for 25 or so years.  Most of it is some variant of whole wheat with sunflower seeds or cracked wheat or something heavy like that.  Eating a couple of pieces for breakfast is filling and has lots of protein among other things.

But I started out with french bread from scratch.  Dump three cups of flour on the counter.  Make a depression in the middle and start adding the water, stir with fingers then hands then knead while throwing in some salt and yeast at some point.  It is a good way to learn about all the elements required for really good bread and has such a great feeling when those simple tools create a loaf of amazing bread.

I did that many times so I could learn about gluten from the bottom up and loved every minute of it.  Now I mostly use my moms 50+ year old KitchenAid (one of the ones made by Hobart long ago) to do the heavy work.  Now I've graduated to the no knead fad and found one recipe that is absolutely the best I've run across:

I made it and put it in the refrigerator three days ago.  So far I've made cinnamon rolls (I need to work on the filling.. it was mediocre)  and focaccia bread (rosemary from the back yard and it was wonderful) from it and I've still got another pound of dough left to make a pan pizza.   The dough keeps in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks so there is no time table.  Pull some off, let it sit for a bit, form it how you want, let it sit a bit more and rise, and then bake.

Such a delightful find.


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